Today is my birthday.

Am I having dinner with friends? Nope. Had dinner with them last night. And and very loverly breakfast with them this morning.

Party later? Nope not a big fan of parties. Either given to me or that I've been invited to. Never been a fan. As for birthday parties, I only remember two that I've had. One when I was about 10—I didn't know anyone there, my sister invited them all. And one when I was 30 and everyone there was a friend of my then partner, none of which spoke to me after the breakup.

Am I going out for drinks. Nope. Haven't been to a bar since I (mostly) gave up drinking. I drink way too much when I go to a bar and it's best to avoid temptation.

So what am I doing this birthday eve? I rode my bike to a secluded park. Now… I'm sitting on a rocky beach. Writing this blog. Drinking a thermos of coffee. Eating a rather large traditional Jewish bagel. Reading Twitter. Having a smoke. Watching the sky get darker. But mostly listening to the waves crash against the shore.


I love a lot of things on this crazy world. But coffee on a beach at sunset? Nothing finer.