Therapy (2)

So I went to my second session with the therapist. Here's what's going on…

1) I really hate open ended questions and I really hate the question "what are you thinking?" Ask me something specific and I'll answer it. When you ask me what I'm thinking chances are really high it is absolutely nothing. Nothing. The other possibility is that I'm thinking "why are you asking me what am I thinking?" Again.

2) "How does that make you feel?" Well, actually, it doesn't really make me feel anything. It is a fact. There's no feeling attached to it.

3) "Tell me about your childhood." Well, I was born at a very young age. ;) I actually don't remember a lot of facts about my childhood and what I do remember seemed to intrigue him.

Clearly these are all things that he is going to keep pressing. Hopefully some of my neurons will start firing OR, more probably, fire a little differently. Already I'm starting to put a couple of threads of my life in a little better perspective.

Of course, going forward, we are going to start going deeper and I will probably be less pragmatic about this stuff but for now I have no complaints.