So I'm sitting here at The Ex and something has occurred to me… I have strong redneck tendencies. I may, in fact, be a redneck.

Why is that occurring here? Well to put it simply The Canadian National Exhibition is redneck heaven. There is nothing pretentious about this place. It is gaudy and deep fried. It is strobe-lit whirlpools and halter-topped mamas. It is 3d wolf pictures and black velvet Justin Biebers.

I don't think that I have seen one pretentious thing in the 5 hours I've been here… And, I have to say, I have not felt this comfortable in ages.

I've always suspected I'm a redneck… I do not have the gay fashion gene. I do not have the gay decor gene. Nor the personal grooming gene. Nor the charming personality gene. The only gay gene that I appear to have is the one that makes you want to be with a man.

So rednecked it is but with some caveats. I will under no circumstances, be buying a pick up truck and taking up farming. I will not tolerate racism. I love Indian and Thai food. I use transit. I ride my bicycle. I believe in global warming. I will not use a gun, unless there is a zombie apocalypse. And I will most definitely never be getting a mullet. Probably.

So I guess that am actually a gay cityfied rednecked man… and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Also… I'm now thinking I'd look good with a mullet.