Some Days

Some days I feel like I'm doing something fundamentally wrong with my life… I just haven't the foggiest what it is nor what it is I should be doing differently.

What decisions did I make to get to this point? What different decisions could i have made? What am I not happy with? What am I happy with? Deep fundamental preponderances best left to philosophers and thinkers. I am neither yet there they are knocking around in my head.

I think most people think about these things occasionally. Its been happening a lot with me lately. Which at least tells me I that something is up.

I've made a lot of progress to get myself to this point of my life, I've cleared out a lot of baggage, but now there appears to be a log jam. Pressure is building up. My life wants to move forward, but something is holding me back.

Hopefully soon I will figure out just what it is. In the meantime, apropos of nothing, please enjoy this children's cartoon.