So last Thursday was my birthday. I tweeted coyly at first, then came out and said it. And I received a grand total of one birthday tweet. One. And one "sorry I missed your birthday" tweet. Two tweets that I now certainly appreciate all the more… but only two out of all my follows.

I've been somewhat disappointed and severely pensive ever since. I'm sad that the people that I follow didn't take the time to say anything… on the other had I can't believe that the people I follow would be like that, so was it something that I did?

So option 1 is that my Twitter followers are all completely self-absorbed. I think, at it's core, that is the definition of what Twitter is! Twitter is a bunch of people looking to get heard. I don't think that you broadcast if you don't want to be heard? Certainly a bunch of the accounts that I follow are "broadcasters." They are businesses, news organizations, celebrities, etc. But of the "real" people that I follow, there are only a couple that I would call "completely self-absorbed." I try my hardest to avoid those kinds of people. If I wouldn't have a beer with you, I'm not likely to follow you.

Certainly some of my followers could have missed my tweets, but all of them? And certainly some that I thought were not self-absorbed, in fact, are, but all of them? And certainly some could have seen the tweets and really not cared, but all of them? 

Then there is option 2… I've done something to give the impression that I don't care. I didn't think I was giving that impression and I certainly didn't mean to give that impression… but that seems to be the impression that I gave.

And, of course, there is option 3… everything is completely unrelated… I have overblown everything… I am thinking way too much about this… my self-doubt is waxing… the "nobody likes me" monster rears his ugly head from the depths that he was banished… and I should just get over myself and move on.

I'm tending towards option 3.