You Work Too Much

So I just got tweeted by DeadRobot that I work too much and this is what I was going to say…

1) Work has been quiet and having all this work is good. I can't turn down a project that will bring in money to the company.
2) It's winter. I don't like being outside in winter.
3) I'm only going to be really busy until the 18th of February.
4) There is no one that I can pass this work off to.
5) I AM still seeing my friends.

All condensed down to a 140 character tweet.

But, the reality is… he's correct. I have been working a lot and I can come up with for excuses why that's a good thing left, right, and centre. His husband SharkBoy surreptitiously pointed it out last week when he casually suggested in a tweet that if I'm not being productive to go home. You know it's a bad sign when you need a tweet reminder to go home.

Though I still see my friends, I often leave early and I'm not fully present. I'm too busy thinking about all of the work I have to do. I see my best friends every week. At this point I think that they accept my excuses for sound logic and reasoning. I love them to bits, but sometimes the closer you are to a person the less likely you are to see their faults and I don't think they see mine. Or maybe they see them, and love me regardless.

I've now painted myself into a corner, and the paint is still wet so I can't leave. Well, I could leave but if I do it's just going to get messy. Very, very messy. I just have to remember not to paint myself into that corner again and listen to people when they tell me that's what I'm doing.

You would have thought that after doing this on and off for the last 15 years I would have learned this before now. Life's funny that way.

Always growing, always moving forward.

Thanks boys.