The Boys in My Band

So earlier tonight I posted this tweet "My ex is making dinner tonight for me, his boyfriend, and his boyfriend's ex. Chosen families are so much more fun."

A litter further explanation is in order.

I'm single and my ex is my best friend. Shortly after we broke up, our bond became stronger. We make much better friends than we did lovers. Not that we made a bad couple. We were a good couple. We got along well and we never fought. Never ever. It's just there was something missing. We found what was missing in friendship. We are closer now than we have ever been.

My ex now has a boyfriend, and has had one for 4 years. They make a great couple. I love his boyfriend a lot and I spend a plenty of time with them both. Perhaps too much time. The three of us have Saturday and Sunday brunch together most weekends.

My ex's boyfriend still lives with his ex. They get along really well. The boyfriend's ex is also single and often joins the three of us for brunch. I like him as well. And before you ask, no, me and the BFs ex are not getting together anytime soon though we do joke about it, mostly to freak out the ex's. I like him… I just don't like like him.

So, me and my ex, and his boyfriend and his ex spend a lot of time together. Tonight it was for dinner and it was a good meal and it was fun.

Through fate, luck, or choice, suffice to say this could only be a chosen family and I wouldn't have it any other way.