Days Off

Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off and what will I do?

I've never been good with day's off—especially in winter. I like days off. Relaxation is good. However, in order for me to truly relax I need to clear my plate. Relaxation happens for me with a clear plate and a clear mind.

My plate at the office never seems to be completely clear. Always deadlines. Always paperwork. Always something. Business in the publishing industry is a little slow. So if I take the day off, I'll be sitting at home thinking I should be doing something more productive than watching TV.

I watch enough TV. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy TV, but I watch enough. What else can I do? Go Shopping? I don't need anything. Go for a walk? To darn cold. Visit friends? It's the holidays and everyone is visited out. So when it come right down to it what I'd be doing on my day off is watching TV.

So, what will I do tomorrow? I'll sleep in, go for a good breakfast, go into the office and get a good days work done. I'll get 7 hours of work done in about 4 hours. No interruptions. No e-mails. No phone calls. No questions to answer. 

If it was summer. The decision would be different.