I've been having a rough time lately… I think I'm in the middle of "maleopause". So doing what I normally do in these situations… I go to Google.

In urban dictionaries' definition I can tick off 11 of the 13 symptoms. I normally would not rely on Urban Dictionary, unless I need to figure out what the kids are talking about (Oh that's what UNF means), so let's look this up further and see what it's really called.


So checking the symptoms on a more reliable source here… Of the 8 symptoms listed I have 7. That can't be good.

I guess what this means is that I'll be going to the doctor's (I'm due for my annual physical soon) and I'll be getting a bucketful of bloodwork. And then my doctor and I will sit down for a chat. I love chats with my doctor. It's not that I have a problem talking about these things, clearly not: I'm telling you, it's just that when I talk to my doctor his answer is 1 of 2 things: take this pill OR there is nothing wrong with you. I dislike when he tells me either.

In this case, however, I'm hoping for number 1. Give me a pill and make everything better. If not that then I hope that my doctor goes all radical and tells me to eat more broccoli or whatever. At this point I'll do whatever it takes. Honestly. This fatigue is getting my down. Literally, figuratively, and many other 'lys, yet to be named.

So, yup I think I'm in andropause. And I can only conclude one thing… I'm middle aged… On the other hand… if 45 is middle aged, does that mean I'm gonna live to 90? OH gawd, I need to go to the gym.