Y the W

Everyone seems to be asking "why the 'w' in tomwdart"? Well, when I say everyone what I actually mean is I've been asked by 2 very important people. Well, when I say important I mean two people that cared enough to ask. And, well, that's good enough for me.

Tom Dart is my father's name. When I was a child I was either Tommie or Tom junior. I never did like junior and I never was much of a Tommie. By my high school years, I'd dropped both, went by Tom, and I added the "W" when distinction was required as my father's middle name was different from my own.

Enough history, back to the present… I've been an online lurker for a decade, back in the wings watching everything go by, and I only recently decided to make my mark on the stage. When I shuffled out everywhere I went Cook County Sherif Tom Dart had been there before, registering tomdart on practically every social media sight out there. So what is a newcomer Tom Dart to do? Put the "w" back in of course!

So I'm TomWDart on everything online… well, practically everything… well, most things ;)

Oh, and if you wanna know what the W stands for… it'll cost ya.