The Friday Office 2-Step

I listen to music at the office. It is kind of a must with me. If I couldn't listen to music while I work I'd keel over from boredom. Today the song that moved me to sing and dance in my office was not a dance song. It was not a disco ditty from days gone by. It was a classic country two-step.

I really don't listen to enough country and don't ask me the last time I danced to a two-step. I'm not sure I can remember how to. And I honestly don't think I could dance a two-step if the hottest man at the country barn dance asked me to. Not that I plan on going to a country barn dance anytime in the near future.

I really don't care the genre, if it's got a good beat, I'll dance around the office to it.

So today's dance song is Lorrie Morgan's Except for Monday. Enjoy.