Scattered Update

I've got a lot on my mind… but I've been really scattered… so a point form update, of sorts.

Work has been hellish the last couple of months. Nothing that I can talk about. All will be revealed when I can actually talk about things. Suffice to say: lawyers are so much fun!

Book publishing is changing radically and in the next few years my job, as I know it, will be gone. I really need to think about what I wanna be when I grow up. I've never put a lot of thought into it. I've just succeeded very well and enjoyed immensely the job I fell into. I should really tell that story sometime. More importantly, what will I do when book publishing is gone?

My mortgage is nearly done. Shut up! I know!

My New Year's quest was to have more fun. All that has changed in my life is that I've been to the gym 4 times this year. Which, truth be told, is twice as many times as all of last year. Perhaps I would have had better luck if my resolution was to get fit … … Actually, if that was my resolution I'd probably not be going to the gym and having more fun! I'm not hating the new gym, though on the weekend most of the people that are there are 15 years my junior and for many I could be their father. Just call me Darth. I'm not very good with someone telling me what to do. Especially myself.

I need to go to the movies more.

In my social life nothing has changed. And why would it? In order for something to change, you must actually do something different. I'm doing the same things I always do and nothing is changing. SURPRISE… NOT! I'm very comfortable in my life. If you were to ask my friends they would probably say a little too comfortable and would be really happy if I shook things up. I'm very comfortable and change is scary.

Speaking of shaking things up I'm looking to finally go HD… my 12 year-old, 250 lb, 36" Sony Wega has served it's life well, but it is time to go out behind the barn—and be shot. That's probably not what my friends are talking about, but I'm sure they'd be happy if I went ahead and bought one. I've been talking about it forever. I've been looking at reviews and I'm completely overwhelmed. I'm now thinking that I may hold off and see if an Apple television comes out this year. I'd like that.

I miss my sunsets. I call them my sunsets because when I'm watching one everything else in the world disappears. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can venture out to the beach without freezing to death… oh ya and for the ferries to be running.

That's it for now. Take care, my friends.