Hokey Smoke!

Growing up as a kid I loved cartoons. I was a decidedly in the "not Disney" cartoons camp. I opted for the "in your face" humour that the other studios were producing. As a kid, Disney always seemed to dang wholesome for me.

I was a Looney Tunes man. I was a Wacky Races man. I was a Grape Ape man. And I was also a Rocky & Bullwinkle and Friends man.

I recently bought the complete Rocky & Bullwinkle box set and have now watched, in order, all 163 episodes, or 59 hours, or 3562 minutes or 213,720 seconds worth. And I loved every repetitive second of it.

There are two things that I want to share… First, one of the more famous screen captures. This one from episode 11 of Jet Fuel Formula. The book Sex on Planet "X" is on the bookshelf. 

And secondly from season 5, episode 23, the Fractured Fairy Tale: Three Little Pigs. The wolf, surrounded by Racing Forms, Babes magazine, Beauty's Women magazine, Girl's magazine, is reading "Gay Boy" magazine and later in the same episode, he is reading "Gay Boy Annual".  

I know that gay meant something completely different back in the 60s… but it does make for a more interesting story if the wolf was, in fact, gay.