There are few things in this world that I like more, find as relaxing, or find as beautiful as watching the sunset on a quiet beach.

In Toronto, that means that I love Hanlan's Point. The only problem that I have with Hanlan's Point is the fact that I only like going there on a weeknight when it's quieter. I don't like it on the weekend as it's just too busy. Too loud. Too party-like. When everyone's gone home for the night… and it is peaceful… it is truely a peace of heaven.

So whenever I can steal away from the office in the summer I do. It doesn't happen that often, which I think makes it all that much better, and if I plan it right, it will only take me 30 minutes from my front door to the beach… it doesn't get much closer than that.

Here are a couple of beautiful sunset pictures. Oh and the thermos… I'm not telling what's in that… but that helps with the whole experience as well. :)