Pull to the Shoulder

I'm getting old. I know that. And as I always say getting older beats the alternative. But what I don't like about getting older is that various parts of me are now starting to fall apart.

Case in point: my shoulder. I'm not sure what I did to it or when I did it but I somehow pulled it. Had I pulled it while pushing a car or lifting a safe or trying to bench press 200 lbs it wouldn't bug me as much as a sore shoulder that just sort of showed up. I'm certain I did something, said "ow", continued on, and completely forgot about it. But here I am some two months later in pain.

My doctor thinks that it is tendinitis. My physiotherapist thinks that it is "frozen shoulder". Yes, that really is a thing. So I'm now I've done ultrasound to shed some light on the subject and to see who is right.

At this point all that I know is that my shoulder hurts. I have only 120 degrees of movement (as opposed to the normal 180). And I want the pain to go away.

So physiotherapy it is. Physiotherapy and hope that ultrasound doesn't find much other than "you pulled something." Though the ultrasound tech did seem to be marking a whole lot of stuff as he went along. :/

I'll keep you informed.