New Busy-ness

I'm getting busy at work again. And I'm really, really, really, trying to not get overwhelmed again. I'm trying. Really I am.

I've been contacting my usual freelance helpers. They are all busy. I've tried asking friends of friends. Nothing. I asked on Twitter. No one. I've tried to get freelancers from my temporary help agency but none of them seem qualified.

So here I am, I have a deadline fast approaching and I have absolutely no one to help me. ARGGGG, not again!

So I have two options: do it all myself (which might kill me) or try someone new (who might be hopeless).

In the past I would have done it all myself. This time I really don't want to try to kill myself so this time I'm going to hope for the best and try someone whom I'm not sure of. And hope, above hope, that they save me time instead of wasting my time!

Wish me luck, oh and if you know anyone who is really good at math and Adobe Illustrator, have them get in touch!