Dentist Visit

So I'm presently riding York Region Transit bus number 88. A trip that will take me a total of 2 hours north from my home. A trip to visit my dentist for a routine cleaning. Why, I can hear you asking, would you travel 2 hours to visit a dentist when there is practically one on every corner.

The answer is simple. When I first started going to see my dentist and my hygienist 24 years ago they where just up the road. I had a fear of dentists after my childhood visits to Dr. Shakes and Dr. Badbreath and this new dentist and his staff were as nice and gentle as can be.

Over the years he keeps moving north and I keep moving south. I always say I won't follow but I always do.

I love my dentist and I love Rhonda, my hygienist. It's only twice a year (baring any emergency). And, honestly good dentists are so hard to find.