Friday Night Rituals

I like my Friday night rituals. Twenty Years Ago this is what it was… Leave work early, quickly down dinner, lay down and have a two hour nap, get up, put on the dance music, shower, shave, put on tight jeans and a t-shirt and head out for a night of drinking and dancing until 3 in the morning, stumble home to bed and pass out by 4.

This is how it went tonight… Try to leave work early, but fail because there's a deadline that I need to meet. Come home, get undressed and put the housecoat on. Make myself something simple for dinner which I'll enjoy while watching a movie (tonight was a Doctor Who). I'll invariably pass out in the arm chair for 20 minutes, while doing the "I'm not sleeping head-bob." At this point I'll get up and take a chemical mind-slowerdowner often it's a nice pot of tea (If I'm feeling really daring, I'll have a glass of wine).

At 10 o'clock I start running a bath (with some epson salts and bath oil), lighting candles and turning off the lights. At this point I'll turn up the music often it's Enigma. And at 10:30 I'll burn some incense, lower myself into the tub and for the next 30-45 minutes I'll watch the steam rise from the tub and contemplate the meaning of life.

At 11:30 I'll put moisturizer on my whole body, rub my feet, and further contemplate the meaning of life. Then I'll proceed to further mellow myself until I'm literally in a puddle of relaxation. The week has all been washed away.

Sometimes I miss the me from 20 years ago. Mostly I like the new me better. At the very least now I have much smoother skin.